80M$ Indie Game Gems

As mentioned on Twitter over the weekend, I came across a selection of old articles I wrote for independent gaming websites. I have decided to add this one first to Tattastic Gamer. The age of this editorial is shown from the use on Microsoft Points (M$) the currency used for Xbox Store purchases a long time ago.

How did this idea come about? Well let me begin… After suffering a case writers block I decided I would just play some games. Upon turning my XBOX 360 on I came to realise I did not want to play any games I have on my shelf or in my XBLA collection. This made me browse the Games Marketplace looking for something to play. Then the idea struck me, I should download a collection of the 80M$ Indie Games, and select my favourite five from the selection, thus picking some Indie Game Gems, and the final outcome this article. So, here are some of the 80M$ Indie Game Gems available right now.


Run Away: This game is a simple idea, but one that is effective and addictive. The simple design and controls make this game accessible to gamers of all skills and ages. The aim of Run Away is basically what the title suggests simply Run Away without being caught by whatever is chasing you. Although this task seems to sound easy, to make it a lot more fun and a better challenge the level is completed by a number of obstacles being placed in your way. This is where the basics of the gameplay come in, it is your job as the player to either jump or roll to avoid the obstacles. If you collide with any of them it slows your character down, making the task of running away from whatever is chasing you a lot harder, the level is completed and the next task is thrown your way once you reach the goal at the end.

Baby Maker Extreme: This game uses a concept you will have seen across a number of flash games. Don’t get fooled by the title, this game does not give you the test of making babies in extreme circumstances. So if it isn’t this what is it about? Basically you start in control of the woman giving birth, you have to control her breathing to fill up one meter which in turn times the amount of bashing B you get to do to push. Once you’ve passed basing B stage of the game the baby takes flight. The aim of this game is just to get the baby to travel as far as you can. You get the options of boosts; this just propels the baby forward and higher, allowing for further travel. You can re-fill your boost by hitting objects highlighted in blue, in turn giving you more chance to set new distances of travel.

A Long Came a Spider: This game again uses quite a simple concept well. The aim of A Long Came a Spider is to use the spider’s silk which is laid out to navigate your way to the end of the level. With the levels becoming a lot more difficult as you proceed. The levels are made more puzzling and also add extra abilities to your spider as you proceed. To give the game a little bit more dimension they have also added 3 flies to each level, so you can also locate and try and eat all of the flies, using the abilities you have for your spider at that time. This game is also topped off by a very ambient backing music, making A Long Came a Spider perfect to relax to whilst playing it. A Long Came a Spider is perfect for any level of gamer, and a wonderful experience for those who like puzzle games.

I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES!!!1: An extremely long name for an extremely enjoyable indie title. The aim of the game is easy to guess, eradicate the zombie hordes that are coming towards you. The over the top view is perfect to make this title what it is. You are helped out in your aim of killing zombies by weapon drops appearing on the screen, along with extra lives. The game gets weird as you get further into it with the zombies being helped out by a number of extras. From green slime to Asteroids style meteorites. Another thing that makes this game stand out is the over the top and excellent sound track for the game, which is guaranteed to be stuck in the players head once it is turned off. It’s clear this indie game was made with the concept that zombies sell, and it should be an essential purchase off the Indie Games list and at 80M$ is a steal.

Breathe of Death VII the Beginning: This has to be one of the best Indie Games available to date, it is clear Zeboyd Entertainment have put a lot of time and thought into this original RPG style adventure. The game look and plays like the classic RPG games like Zelda and Final Fantasy. The fights are text and turn based. This game has introduced some nice colourful and dark dungeon environments for the players to navigate their way around, and also has some excellent classic RPG style music in the background, making this seem like you have gone back to the days of the original RPG’s. The game also includes depth and strategy with its fast paced battles and a combo count system. This is made even more impressive by the 80M$ pricing, and one of the best value for money games to grace the Game Marketplace.



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