EGX 2017: Top 10 Games Played – Part Two

It’s time to continue my count down of the Top 10 games I played at EGX 2017 – and in turn completing my coverage of the event. I will be looking at numbers 5 to 1 in this article. You can read what made numbers 10 to 6 here.

5. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4)

As a fan of the The Stick of Truth and what they had done with the game, I was looking forward to getting chance to play The Fractured But Whole. For the first few days it seemed to have quite a queue built up to play it, but luckily on the last day I managed to get the booth when it had a very little queue.

On thing I loved about The Stick of Truth was it stuck to what South Park is, and didn’t hold back on the controversy or humour we are all used to. So, when the game started in a strip club with Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson) and you leave the toilet, it was clear straight away the game was carrying on with what first game had provided. You are then tasked with getting a stripper back into the VIP area, which you soon find none will due to being underage. This then results in you and Captain Diabetes taking two men into the VIP room, and a mini-game (like a rhyme game) starts, as you give them a lap-dance. As they are not happy with your lap-dance it opened up for the battle system, which for me had some minor improvements. The battles now include a grid based movement system, giving it a little bit more depth. This is then where the true vulgarity you expect from South Park came into the game, as you make a Gin and Tonic for the DJ. You need to contaminate it, which is done by adding cum and rat poo that are found within the strip club. Mixing this contaminated Gin and Tonic is far as I got to play with the game. From what I played I can see this is sticking with what we expect from South Park, and I think it’s going to make another great game tie-in.

4. Forza Motorsport 7 (Xbox One X)

The last Forza Motorsport I gave a good bit of time to was Forza 3, this is down to me not being a huge fan of racing games – I played 3 with others. But, as Forza Motorsport 7 was a main feature of the Xbox E3 2017 key-note, and the talk of how it looks on the Xbox One X – I had to take a look. When I originally joined the queue it seemed like I was in for a bit of wait. But as I only wanted to play it with the control pad and not the professional racing set-up, I got to queue jump quite a bit.

Once I sat down and got to playing the game, I was actually surprised with what I was playing. The first thing was I really enjoyed the race I got to do – which I wasn’t really expecting. It refreshed my memory on what I enjoyed about the series when playing it with friends, and how I could spend the time with the game. Also, I could remember why the game series is popular with the racing game community. Now what really impressed me and blew me away was how beautiful the game looked on the Xbox One X. Everything about it was so well polished visually, and it really showed me what this new console was going to be capable of. Everything in the game looked lovely from the cars (I play in the full view of the car) and every texture was well detailed. There also was no slow down in the gameplay, it was an experience getting to see this running in full 4K and 60fps – it really did show what Microsoft have been building.

Since being at EGX, Forza Motorsport 7 has been released and the game is in my collection now. I was that impressed with it, that I went out and got it on release day. I have been playing a good bit of the game, and hoping more people get it on my friends list – as I would love to get some nights like I used to with Forza 3. I just need to wait until the 7 November now, to get my Xbox One X and get to play what I fully experienced at EGX.

3. Figment (PC)

I now return back to indie games and a game called Figment. Until seeing the booth for Figment at EGX I had not even heard of the game. But, I am so glad I stopped and played the game. I even arranged an interview with a member of the team after playing it, because I really wanted to give the game some coverage – you can find my interview with Niels here.

What really got my attention when walking by the booth was the visual style of the game, as a fan or art as well as gaming, the art-style took me in. The game straight away brought to mind Studio Ghibli, The Gruffalo and Tim Burton (especially his take on James and the Giant Peach). The game takes place inside the mind of someone who has suffered trauma. You will play a Dusty in the action adventure/puzzle game and you will also find yourself involved in some combat and boss fights. The game is all hand-drawn and really does look stunning, and the levels/characters are all well designed. Parts of the game are spoken in rhyme, and the bosses all speak in song.

Putting all this together really made this game stick in my mind, and is the reason it is high on my list of Top 10 games played at EGX. The game was released on Steam on the Friday of EGX, and on return I was luckily enough to get the chance the review game – which you can read here.

2. Detroit: Become Human

The penultimate game on my list goes to Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human. This was the first game I wanted to try once I found out it was going to be at EGX. I have been a huge fan of all of Quantic Dream’s previous games, and as you can probably tell from this being in my number 2 position… it didn’t let me down.

Firstly, one thing that surprised me was, when I entered the booth I was told it would be running on a PS4 and not the PS4 Pro – given Microsoft were showcasing the Xbox One X, you think Sony would have been on their A game. However, I was still taken back by how nice the game looked when running. Qunatic Dream’s have made the gameplay similar to their other titles in regards to movement and performing actions, but, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. But, there was many things I did like about the game, with the main thing being the investigation part of the game. What I liked about this was the investigation worked towards your chance of being successful when talking to the android on the roof – basically if you got your investigation to 100% you’ll likely be successful. I wasn’t sure how much time we would be given with the E3 Demo we were playing, so I didn’t solve all of the (sort of) flash back investigation parts to 100% – but I got them to around 70-75% before I headed out onto the roof. As I approached the android on the roof it was all going well, and I seemed to be calming him down with what I was saying, I was thinking this is going swimmingly… until I told him the truth. The ending I got was saving the girl, but, falling to my own demise.

Now I can not wait for this game to be given a release date, and being released – but until then I will just have to be patient. Also, I still feel that starting EGX with this game was a great idea.

1. Forgotton Anne (PC)

Well an Indie game makes it as my number one, and I was glad I indicated my interest to Square Enix Collective about taking a look at the game – after my time with Battalion 1944. I did speak to and interview a member of the Throughline Games team while waiting for the game to be free. So, there is a quick interview with the team which can be found here.

Forgotton Anne is a cinematic adventure/platform game, where you take control of Anne, who is one of two humans in this world. You are an enforcer in the Forgotton Lands which is a place all the things you loved and lost or forgot about have ended up. You are there with Master Bonku (Anne’s father figure), who is looking to create a machine to get you back home. As with Figment it was the art in the game that drew me to it first, when I got the email from the PR team and looked at the game, I knew I had to play it. Again the all the game is hand painted, and the main characters are even hand animated – all together making this game look beautiful. They’ve also brought it all together with a great musical score, making for an overall amazing presentation. The game also includes some light puzzle elements, but from the demo it seems nothing that would have you stuck thinking for a long time. But, with the game being a cinematic adventure, this just makes sure the game runs smoothly – and is in keeping with the cinematic feel it aims to provide.

Everything about the game is so beautifully put together, it was a pleasure even just getting the play the demo they took to EGX. This is the reason it made my number one, because it was the experience that impressed me the most from my time with the game. I will certainly be picking this up on release; which is either late 2017 or early 2018 – and I would strongly recommend taking a look at it yourself.

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