EGX 2017 | The Peterson Case

I got the pleasure to spend some time with The Peterson Case and to speak to Josh about the game. I interviewed Josh after spending some time with the game, and got some more information on the game and get some questions answered.

As mentioned I spent time on the game before the interview (provided below), and I was really impressed with what I got to play with the game. It is mentioned in the interview that a lot of people did not expect it to be a horror game, with it starting as more of a detective idea to the game – but it does really soon become obvious it is a horror game. So, The Peterson Case is a story/narrative driven puzzle game, with a horror element.

The game does rely a lot on the sound in the game building the horror feeling and it does this really well, like great Japanese horror movies it builds a high level of intense nervousness. I was shocked at first with the flash-backs to the War scenes, as I was not expecting these at all. But, it was explained by Josh that due to the time frame its based around, and the father of the missing person is suffering from PTSD this soon made sense – and I understand why it is there. Visually the game was very strong, and the influences from Bioshock with the decor was evident, but it works really well for the time frame and the setting. I was really impressed when the settings started to change when I found the Alien in the hotel, the way it was a smooth transition into having some symbols appear on the walls in the hotel. With this being so seamless it did not take away from the noises and change in the sound to build that suspense around thinking whats going to happen.

After playing it and as mentioned in the interview, the team at Quarter Circle Games are avoiding your typical jump scares that are a popular go to in horror games and movies alike at the moment. Instead they are taking the approach of using the sound to make you scared/nervous, and as aforementioned they have done this really well from what I have played. So, big kudos for the team for one taking this approach and not going with what is popular and for making this work.

The game is also planned to be supported by the HTC Vive in the future, and from what I have played and the use of the sound I really think this would be a hit with VR horror game fans. I know I would love to play this in VR – so I will be keeping a close eye on this coming to the game, after its release in May 2018.

EGX 2017 | The Peterson Case Interview

I speak to Josh from Quarter Circle Games about The Peterson Case at EGX. In this interview he answers my questions after I had played the EGX demo.

Sorry for the fact there is no footage and only images. As this is only an up and coming website, I could only get the one press pass – therefore had no option to record the interview as video.

Get more information about The Peterson Case at

This interview took place during Day Three of EGX 2017, read what else I got up to here

I would like to thank Josh for taking time out of his schedule to interview me about The Peterson Case.

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