EGX 2017 | Lake Ridden

With my recently found love for puzzle games, I was excited to get to try out Lake Ridden at EGX. After I had played the level that was only open to press, I got to interview Johan for the Midnight Hub team about the game (interview below).

As mentioned in this article and in some of my reviews, I have really taken to puzzle games as a genre in recent months – something I never really gave much time to previously. So, Lake Ridden is a story driven puzzle game and as you are trying to find your sister, you unravel a dark past. Now from the demo I played at the expo, the game really concentrates on the puzzling elements, and in the interview Johan explains all the puzzles are going to be different in the game. Rather than similar puzzles with a higher difficulty levels, which for me makes a puzzle game great. In the part of the game I played the puzzle was based around riddles, and as I explained in the interview… me and riddles just don’t go together – but I finally got there and to the end of the demo. I did not mind getting stumped on the puzzle though, because it gave me chance to explore the garden setting I was placed in, and it looked great. The game also built up a great atmosphere for the area you were playing in, and gave of a little bit of a spooky vibe, but it suited what the game was offering. It was then explained by Johan the original plan for the game was horror, so I can see how this atmosphere would have worked in that sense as well.

The game is still in the very early development stage, so somethings might change by the time the game is released, but from what I played it surely shows potential to be a great game. In the game there was narrative included, but only one option as a response, but more will be available in the game on release. Johan also explained in the interview (when I mentioned my struggle with riddles) that the game will include hints also, so people don’t get to frustrated if they get stuck on a set part – bit these are optional, so it’s your choice if you want the help. The game is coming to Steam in Spring 2018 and can be added to your Wishlist at – they are in negotiations with Xbox and Playstation about console versions being released.

EGX 2017 | Lake Ridden Interview

I interview Johan from the Midnight Hub team about their up and coming title Lake Ridden at EGX 2017. We speak a bit about the game, the idea of the game, and the how it changed from a horror title.

Sorry for the fact there is no footage and only images. As this is only an up and coming website, I could only get the one press pass – therefore had no option to record the interview as video.

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This interview took place during Day Four of EGX 2017, read what else I got up to here

I would like to thank Johan for taking time out of his schedule to interview me about Lake Ridden.

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