EGX 2017 | Forgotton Anne

I got the chance to speak to a member of the Throughline Games team about their up and coming title Forgotton Anne, as I waited for the chance to try out the game (the booth was busy). I then got my chance to try to the game out, hence the quick end to the interview – as I had to jump in when it became free.

Forgotton Anne is a cinematic adventure/platform game, where you take control of Anne, who is one of two humans in this world. You are an enforcer in the Forgotton Lands which is a place all the things you loved and lost or forgot about have ended up. You are there with Master Bonku (Anne’s father figure), who is looking to create a machine to get you back home. What attracted me to take a look at Forgotton Anne? Well when I got the email invite from the PR team it was the art style of the game – I love artistic games. I was shocked when speaking to the member of the team to hear that all the game is hand painted, and the main character are all hand animated, the game really is visually beautiful. They have also included a great musical score to the go with the game, bringing all together as an artistic masterpiece. As mentioned the game has some light platforming elements and also some light puzzle elements to go with this, but nothing that gets you to a point where you will be sat thinking… what do I do? Which is not a problem because it would ruin the whole seamless cinematic feel to the game.

Everything about this game is so well put together and even playing the demo from EGX, was a pleasure. I will definitely be buying this on release, which is mentioned in the interview as by the end of the year, possibly early 2018 (for understandable reasons). I would strongly recommend keeping and eye on this game, I would say from my whole experience of EGX, this is one of the standout titles from my time there. The game will be coming to PC, Xbox and Playstation – so console gamers do no have an excuse for missing out on this.

EGX 2017 | Forgotton Anne Interview

A member of the team behind Forgotton Anne talks to me about Forgotton Anne at EGX. In this interview he talks about the game, and the inspirations behind the game. I apologise the abrupt end to the interview, but I was interviewing him while waiting for one of the booths to be free to try the game, and as one became free, I had to jump in.

Sorry for the fact there is no footage and only images. As this is only an up and coming website, I could only get the one press pass – therefore had no option to record the interview as video.

Get more information about Forgotton Anne at

This interview took place during Day Three of EGX 2017, read what else I got up to here

I would like to thank Throughline Games team for taking time out of their schedule to interview me about Forgotton Anne.

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