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As I was browsing the Indie section at EGX, I came across Figment by Bedtime Digital Games and was instantly drawn to it. After playing the game I spoke to a member of their PR team, and set-up an interview with Niels from the Bedtime Digital Games team, because I was that impressed with the game (interview below).

What was it that instantly got my attention about the game? As I have mentioned before I love artistic games, and the mix of what I thought was Studio Ghibli, The Gruffalo and Tim Burton really had me wanting to try out the game. I was also quite surprised at how close I was to visual inspiration the game the had taken – as we discussed this in the interview.

So, what is Figment about?… The game is set inside the mind of person who has suffered trauma, and the idea is you are facing their fears because they have all be released (in the part I played there was falling teeth). You play as Dusty with his friend Piper as you explore this mind, and try to restore the courage that has been lost by this trauma. The game is an action adventure game, that provides puzzles, battles and boss fights in order to restore this courage. The game is all hand drawn and really does look stunning, and the Plague Master you face in the part I played, really did remind me of the old plague Dr’s. The game is all spoken in rhyme and in song, and speaking the Niels who worked on the music in the game, really opened my mind to the work they had put in to get this right, even to the point he recruited local musicians he knew – who had no voice acting experience. The part I played, the Plague Master was played by Niels and he really has done a great job with the music on the game. Putting together the visual style and music has really been done exceptionally and match really well, giving you an outstanding presentation all together.

For me Figment was one of the stand out games I played at EGX 2017, and the work the team have put into it shines through in every aspect of the game. I would highly recommend picking up the game and trying it yourself. The is now available on Steam, and is coming to Xbox, Playstation and Switch in the future – so make sure you check it out.

You can buy the game from Steam at

EGX 2017 | Figment Interview

I speak to Niels from Bedtime Digital Games about Figment at EGX 2017. This interview was set-up after a playing the game, and being that impressed I asked could I interview a member of the team. We talk about the game and the inspirations for the game.

Sorry for the fact there is no footage and only images. As this is only an up and coming website, I could only get the one press pass – therefore had no option to record the interview as video.

Get more information about Figment at

This interview took place during Day Four of EGX 2017, read what else I got up to here

I would like to thank Niels for taking time out of his schedule to interview me about Figment.

* Also keep an eye out for a review of Figment coming soon to Tattastic Gamer

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