EGX 2017 Day 4: The Last Few Bits

With the final day of EGX 2017 the show is over, my plans for today was spend more time with indies and visit Ubisoft. With the past few experiences trying to get to Shadow of War I decided not to even try this time, and instead head straight to the Ubisoft stand as it opened.

However something came up I wanted to get done first before I went to the queue for their games. The night before I noticed a post by Odd Bug Studio with boxed versions of their game The Lost Bear (read my review here). When seeing this I wanted to buy one as I wanted this in my collection, but I was told these were not for sale. Then on the last day they announced they would be hidden around at other Manchester based exhibitors, so I had to find one – and I was lucky enough to find one.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4)

When I found my copy of the The Lost Bear I decided to jump straight into the Far Cry 5 queue. But on getting there I was at the hour mark point in the queue and The Fractured But Whole had no queue and free stations – so naturally I thought I would try that first.

I totally loved The Stick of Truth, so I was hoping they’d carried on with what that game had started – and I’m glad to say it really has from the part I got to play.

You start in a strip club as your character and Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson), and you are tasked with getting more information on stripper, starting with trying to get one of the strippers into the VIP area. After you fail for being too young for any of them to come back with you, it ends in you given a bloke a lap dance – as a mini game. This leads onto the combat, which has a little more to it this time, as they have added a grid based movement system to it – in this one battle you can see it will add more depth to the battles. You are then tasked with making a Gin and Tonic to distract the DJ, this is where the true vulgarity (we all expect from South Park) came into play. You have to contaminate the Gin and Tonic, which you end up doing with cum and rat poo found within the Strip Club.

That is where the demo finished. All I can say is I can not wait to get my hands on the full game – hopefully no more delays will happen before then.

Far Cry 5 (PS4)

So I mentioned I was at about the hour mark in this queue before moving to South Park – but upon finishing the 15-20 minute demo of South Park, the people in front of me in the Far Cry 5 queue were practically at the front. I joined the queue a little further forward than I was originally, now knowing it would not be the hour it suggested.

I was going into Far Cry 5, not knowing what to expect from it really because I’ve not really enjoyed one, since Far Cry 3. But, the idea of this one being based around a cult really made me want to at least try out the game. There were three characters you pick from at the beginning, but you only got the time to play one – so I’m not sure it there was a difference in the part you played.

The character I picked put you in the part they showed at E3, and to be honest the movement seemed very clunky – again as with most the AAA games at the show, this could be just to it being an early build of the game. Despite the sluggish gameplay and a couple of slow downs during the bigger gun battles I can see the game being a good entry into the series, as long as these issues are ironed out on the final build. In the second part of the demo you were required to fly a plane, and that seemed so natural when controlling it, and I found no issues – outside of the inverted Y-axis, which is more down to me personally than the game. I will certainly keep an eye on this one around release, but wont likely buy it until it’s a bit cheaper.

The Crystal Curse (HTC Vive)

This is the game where I found my copy of The Lost Bear, all the team at Odd Bug Studio requested was if you found one you took the time to play the game. However, when I found my copy no-one was at the stand. So, I returned to play the game once I had tried out Far Cry 5. The Crystal Curse is a two player VR game, where the one that plays requires the direction of the other player in order to complete. I played this with the person at the stand because I was currently on my own at this point, and they showed me a few of the games.

The experience was good one from such a small studio, but I think the games main downfall is the need for two players, as if you don’t have anyone in your household with you it rules the game out.

Figment (PC)

These were the only two games I really wanted to see on the Ubisoft stand, with seeing Assassin’s Creed as part of my time with the Xbox One X on Day 2. I got these out the way sooner than expected, so I went to the Indie Section with not meeting a few from Crave The/Your Game until after 11:00 again. This lead to me trying out Figment due to the art design in the game, after playing it and being so impressed I asked for an interview with a member of the team. Which was set-up, so look out for my view of the game, and that interview coming soon.

I then met up with GD from Crave The/Your Game for the remainder of the day – except when I had some interviews.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (Xbox One)

This is a game I wanted to play from Day 1, but with it being a two player demo me and GD agreed to play it today. As as fan of the series and some previous entries in the Dragon Ball fighter series I was looking to trying this one out.

It was what you would expect from the 2D fighter series, you get to build your team on three fighters. The first to eliminate the oppositions three fighters won. It was a very close battle between us, with some impressive combos being pulled off by both of us. From the one fight we had on the game it seemed like a game I will be getting. Everything just seemed to flow and transition so smoothly. Also, even though I have not touched the series for a while it seemed like I had not been away from it.

DSC_0065 DSC_0073 DSC_0074

Deadbeat Heroes (PC)

From here Ryan let us know he was close, so we headed to the indie section, and the Square Enix Collective stand and played some Deadbeat Heroes.

Deadbeat Heroes is a beat-em up, you are given four heroes to choose from, once on dies another comes in. You then need to complete the level with out running out of heroes. The game also gives you target grades to aim for – so to complete it you need to really hit that grade. You will also get stronger enemies that come in, and once you deal damage you can take their power. The areas you fight in, all are very destructible and break around you as you fight.

This game was certainly fun with a second player playing with you, I am just not sure how it would hold up as a single player.

XBOX Giveaway

After winning Halo Wars 2 on Friday, GD wanted to have a go on the Xbox Giveaway stand, so as we were still waiting for Ryan we headed and joined the queue. It was as big as it has been all week, but, it goes down quick enough – and I could have another go as well. After the wait for about 30-40 minutes I picked my box and won again… this time I won Halo 5: Limited Collector’s Edition. Again for 40 mins of my time, I couldn’t really complain.

At this point I had to leave the group as I had my aforementioned interview with the Figment team.

Lake Ridden (PC)

It was then time for my second interview. Where I went and played Lake Ridden and interviewed a member of the team afterwards. Again more about Lake Ridden and the interview will be available soon.

Pokken Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch)

The final thing we did for the day was try out Pokken Tournament DX. This is one I wasn’t really that interested in, due to my lack of interest in Pokemon, but GD wanted to try it out. So, as it was a two player demo it would be rude not to join him.

So we played two games of it, as expected it never really took my interest. However from the mechanics and how the game played I could see why it would appeal to people who like Pokemon. One thing I did like was the controller they had connected for use, it was really comfortable in your hands and could see it was set out for games like this one.

From this point we had one final look around the merchandise and the sections around the floor, and decided to call it a day. I was happy with what I had managed to get done, and wanted to beat the really busy trains – especially with having the huge Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition box with me, it was hard enough to get one with a backpack the previous three days.

That was it, EGX is over… I plan to bring my interviews over the next week – and also an overall impressions of the show.

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