EGX 2017 | Battalion 1944

I got the chance to interview Howard from the Battalion 1944 team, after playing a round of Team Deathmatch against five other expo goers. I talk to Howard about the game, and the teams love for first person shooters (interview below).

Battalion is an online only first person shooter based on the world war setting, as mentioned in the interview this time frame is coming back in gaming following Battlefield 1 and now Call of Duty: World War II. The demo they had at the expo was a 5v5 Team Deathmatch. At first I really felt sorry for my team as the demo was with keyboard and mouse, and unfortunately due to my console gaming past I use a controller. However, although I still finished with a negative KD (10 kills, 15 deaths), it was better than I expected – plus it wasn’t the worst on my team. In the game I took the class with the M1 Garand (used to love this in Call of Duty 2 and 3). As I started to get use to the keyboard and mouse I found that the games map offered so many tactics and ways to use it. The maps were well-built up, and peaking around a wall to check for enemies, and offer cover in the battles became a great tool. I even found after the playing the game, this could convince me to move to keyboard and mouse for my PC gaming – which I never thought would happen.

You can tell the game has been created and thought out by lovers of first person shooters. It was great going and playing a game that went back to what a first person shooter should be; no perks, no modifiers and definitely no kill streaks – it just stuck to being a great shooter at heart. As I mentioned in the interview, in my time at EGX I did take the opportunity to play Call of Duty: World War II (even though I have not been a fan of the series since the first Black Ops), and being 100% honest Battalion 1944 was the better game.

We did discuss in the interview as well that the game will be multiplayer only, and to be fair from what I have played that is not a bad thing – the team at Bulkhead Interactive are really making a solid online shooter. I would really recommend checking out, and keeping an eye on this title. The game is due to released in early 2018, but the game will be released in early access at this point. It is listed on Steam already, so get it in your wishlists at

EGX 2017 | Battalion 1944 Interview

I speak Howard from Bulkhead Interactive about their up and coming game Battalion 1944. The interview happened after I had a round of the game, and I get some questions answered around the team and the game.

Sorry for the fact there is no footage and only images. As this is only an up and coming website, I could only get the one press pass – therefore had no option to record the interview as video.

Get more information about Battalion 1944 at

This interview took place during Day Three of EGX 2017, read what else I got up to here

I would like to thank Howard for taking time out of his schedule to interview me about Battalion 1944.

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