E3 2017 Opinions

Well all this years E3 pressers are over and done with, and for me it was all a bit underwhelming when it came to Press Conferences themselves. But, of course as with every year at this time there was a few things that got me excited and some disappointments – so its time for my opinions again (you can read my 2016 Opinions here).

This year I am doing it a little differently, rather than look at the conferences separately, I am going to look at it as a Winners (things I liked) and Losers (disappointments). You will find there’s a lot more to the Winners than the Loser section, this is because I have only picked a handful of the ones I thought were disappointing, because the list could have been the same length really.


There is only one place I am going to start off, and if you look around my blog I don’t think this is going to come as a surprise (unless you have only read my E3 2016 Opinions) – and that is Virtual Reality, a number of announcements regarding Virtual Reality games have me itching to play them, and I will likely end up getting them either on release or at some point. The titles that have me the most excited are;

I am going to start with Doom VFR, For me Doom (2016) was one of the biggest successes of that year. Not only did it bring a game back after a long absence what people actually wanted, it also brought it back in style and not as a disappointing steaming pile of crap. Looking at the trailer for the Doom VFR I expect it to be a success with the VR gaming crowd also. Now I know a lot of people aren’t a big fan of the teleportation style of movement in VR games, but for me I think it is essential in some games. Given the speed of movement on Doom (2016) I expect this game would cause a lot of motion sickness for a number of users.

Sticking with Bethesda, I will now like to mention Fallout 4 VR, personally the Fallout games never massively appeal to me. However, I think what was the big part of this announcement is that it is going to be the full game, and I know the time people I know have plowed into the game. So, just thinking all of that is going to be available in VR is quite an achievement in my opinion, also I hoping the VR medium can finally get me into a series I have always wanted to like. My only concern with this one is I know it’s time-consuming and you need to get really involved in it, but with VR I feel I need a break from it after an hour or so – could this hinder being able to get as involved as needed?.

Then Bethesda dropped another VR gaming bomb as part of Sony’s conference with Skyrim VR, another one of their most highly rated titles coming to VR. Now, this never got confirmed on whether it will be full game, or a stripped down version, but if it is the full game it’s another great achievement. Personally I stayed away from the remastered version of the game that was released, because I did not think I’d want to play-through it again with doing it originally on the Xbox 360 – but give me it in VR and I could very tempted to go through it again.

The final mention for VR gaming goes to Moss on the Playstation VR. What got me excited about this game? Well, along with horror games I feel another genre that really benefits from VR is puzzle gaming, and looking at the trailer for Moss it certainly looks like has great puzzle elements to it. I can not wait to take this little mouse named Quill on the adventure through Moss.

A big winner for me this year was the announcement that Original Xbox games are now being added to the backwards compatibility offered by Microsoft, I am just hoping they add as many games to it as they have the 360 backwards compatibility. Also, they bring support to games like Blinx The Time Sweeper (as mentioned in my E3 2017: What I’d Like To See) and another old favourite of my Kung Fu Chaos. Even if it’s not a huge library that is added, it will still be great to have the option available – and this could see the library on Xbox Game Pass get huge.

Next I will look at one announcement surrounding Minecraft. The big one being cross-platform play, it is about time this started to come around and people from different platforms start to get along as one big community. Plus for me this is the perfect game to do it on, it’s a game the mutually loved across all platforms, and to be honest one I have only just started to get into myself on the Xbox One – so I can not wait to get tips from people across other platforms.

Let’s stick with some more news that came out of Mircosoft’s presser and one game I am really happy to see get a sequel in Ori and the Will of The Wisps. This was one I really wasn’t expecting even thought Ori and The Blind Forest was a huge success, so it was nice to see this showing its face and I can not wait for the release of this. It really has carried on the beautiful art style from the first game, and still has that sad undertone to the story – well the trailer certainly makes you think this anyway.

Back to the cross-platform element now, and my first entry from the Nintendo presser in Rocket League. I think it’s great to see this making the jump to the Switch because it is an awesome game and I thing everyone should have the opportunity to play it. However, when this was originally shown I was thinking it’s a great game for on the move. Then I thought to be honest a lot of the games charm is its multiplayer rather than playing AI,and you will not always have access to internet on the move – so it sort of dampens it charm a little. But, it makes this list for the cross-platform play and also getting put onto the Switch.

An early surprise for me was A Way Out, which for me took the show at the EA conference. Coming from the team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, I can really anticipate this two person team working again. The only difference being this one I a two player game only, rather than you controlling both. I expect this will be a lot of fun with a friend on either couch co-op or online. It is one I will be keeping my eye on.

A game that never really got my attention last year, but this year really made me pay attention was Days Gone. I think it got my attention this year because the gameplay showed of a good variation to the elements of the game. To be honest for the last few years the zombie genre has been getting old to me, but what got me with this is the amount that are on the screen at once, and the fact you can use them to your advantage as well – which for me brings something new to the genre. Again this is one I will now be keeping my eye on.

Let’s jump back to Nintendo now, and this might surprise people buy Yoshi’s game on the Switch. For me the little green dinosaur doesn’t get the recognition I think it deserves, all of the Yoshi games I have played have been great. They’re never over complicated in what they do or offer, but that works. So, it will be an exciting time when the game lands on the Switch in 2018 for me.

Back to Sony and something I wasn’t expecting, due to the fact it was announced there wouldn’t be DLC or expansions for the game – this was Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. But, as soon as I seen the character models in this trailer you instantly knew it was Horizon Zero Dawn, and that was enough to get me excited. The reason for this is the fact this has been the best game I have player not only this year but for a long time. So, this unexpected announcement was really accepted with open arms – and I can not wait to jump back into Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sticking to the unexpected Ubisoft also ended their conference on a massive high note, after being told this would not be at E3 this year, getting to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 was amazing. One of the most under-rated games off all time making a return can only be a good thing in my opinion. As it started I really didn’t expect it to be the game as well (even though the design style of the pig was very familiar), due to the language used in the trailer. The original game was very much accepted for kids, but this one clearly is going to be – again I just want it given a date so I can play it.

This game appeared on my opinions last year and is back again this year – God of War 4. There is many reasons this has returned to my list this year as well – as mentioned last years it’s a series I rate highly, and it falls into one of my favourite gaming genres. But, what has shocked me a bit with this one from last years footage and this years footage it looks like they’ve mixed the gameplay up a little bit, but to me it still looks awesome. I am also looking forward to seeing how they build the bond up with Kratos and his son – and is it going to end it tragedy?.

I am now going to go back to Ubisoft and the entry that has got me excited on the multiplayer front in Skull and Bones. It seems the team at Ubisoft could really deliver on this title, one of the biggest praises from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag was the ships and the combat that went with them – so seeing a game coming out based on this alone is exciting. I can really see this being a success, and I can not wait to take to the sea with a group of friends online and see how it works out. I have signed u for the BETA, and hopefully I will get access to try this out before the games release.

Bethesda have had a lot mention in this for me (and honestly I could have mentioned more) but I am going to end my talk about the games on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. I really enjoyed The New Order and The Old Blood, so even thought I was expecting this announcement, it was still great to see it. From the trailer it looks like it’s not holding back on its roots, and I can’t wait to be destroying some more Nazi’s as BJ Blazkowicz – I might even find myself playing The New Order again.

Now time to end the winners section on a set press conference that being Devolver Digital’s – although it wasn’t full of a lot of games, the show is worth spending 15 minutes of your time watching.


This was not something I was planning on putting on this post, but after looking through my notes of who showed what, these two things fall between the two categories, so I thought I’d give them a mention as anomalies.

I’ll start Nintendo’s flagship title for their E3 conference this year Mario Odyssey. Now I know you might be thinking surely this fall within the Winners section, but I reasons it hasn’t. Obviously a Mario game is going to be added to the Switch, I was actually shocked it wasn’t a release game. But, where it’s Mario so I want to play it and I expect it will most likely be enjoyable, there is a few things I see in the gameplay that doesn’t feel like a right fit for me. I’m not sure whether the take over things by butting your hat on them really feels like a mechanic that will work within Mario – and I know people seemed to enjoy it, but where does a T-Rex fit into Mario?. Secondly it just doesn’t grab me as much as some of the other changes they’ve made throughout the series like Mario Galaxy to me felt like it would work from the start – and unfortunately this doesn’t.

Now this one I expected to be in the Losers section, bu I am going to put it here in the Xbox One X. Obviously its going to get people buying it, because it’s a new console. Now they have brought out what thy said they were going to in the most powerful console on the market today, with the true 4K resolution – and something I felt the Playstation 4 Pro should have had a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive. One of the downfalls is people who haven’t move to 4K won’t really feel the full effect of what they have created, because it’s clearly designed mainly to be used with 4K. The final thing I think they have shot themselves in the foot with is the pricing of the console, for people like me in the UK you are looking at £449 – where I think a price of £399 would have made it more appealing to people (me included). But, the reason this falls under an anomaly is they delivered on what they promised, but it’s got it’s downsides.


I touched on this in the winners, with the cross-platform play, but it is also going to be mentioned in the losers for one company – Sony. Where some people will look at it and think it makes sense for them to overlook it, but it only harms the gamers on that platform. For me  Sony’s statement of ‘they’ve done it to protect children from outside influences’ is so stupid in my opinion, and hopefully if it becomes successful between all the other platforms they may crack and allow it – For The Players as their slogan says.

Now, this next one has been around for a while now, and is obviously still making money for Ubisoft, but for me it’s something that I feel should die down in Just Dance 2018. Not only that the dancing gangster panda and the dancing Sub-Zero rip offs just didn’t sell the game for me. I know this is could and still will be popular with people, however, please remember this is my opinion of E3.

This one I am not sure why it has come to fruition, from the awesome battle that was shown at E3 last year to fishing – why Final Fantasy: Monster of the Deep? I am not sure how it went from the VR showing taking on one of the enemies from the game to this. I know Sega Bass Fishing seemed to popular back in the day with its fishing rod accessory, but that boat has sailed by now (see what I did there). I do expect this will get some backing from Final Fantasy fans, but it really is not my cup of tea, and the only really VR disappointment from all the showings for me.

This is one that sort of peaked my interest last year in Sea of Thieves, but that sort of waned this year. Last year it just seemed like something I would love to jump into with friends, but seeing a lot more of the gameplay this year like getting off the ship and exploring – it just sort of seemed less fun. Now another interesting thing is that this was going into my disappointments before they Ubisoft showed off Skull and Bones, so the interest from last years ship battles in Sea of Thieves has been replaced with multiplayer ship combat from a studio where we know it works. Meaning this has dropped even further down in my interested list again, only a day later after it had anyway.

Sticking with Mircosoft and one of the most cringe worthy and stupid part of any conference The Darwin Project. First lets talk about the way it was presented with the really annoying live e-Sports commentary, if that hadn’t made me feel dis-interested the gameplay soon did. It just looks like another cash-in MOBA now they’re growing popular, looking at it I would rather just boot up Smite, something that’s tried, tested and popular – I really can not see The Darwin Project becoming a popular game on the e-Sports scene.

I am going to finish it with one that doesn’t seem right adding it into this section, but for me it just didn’t live up to what I was hoping for in Spiderman. The reveal of this game really had me thinking what a mix, Spiderman and Insomniac Games. But, now I have seen the gameplay there is just things that don’t look/feel right to me. For me although it seems to have fluid gameplay it seems a little too slow-paced, and the over use of the quick-time events really doesn’t get me a good feeling on what the game is going to bring.

One final thing, I will now mention my favourite conference from the show this year – for me it was Bethesda. For me it was the conference that offered the most that excited me, from all the VR goodies, the return of Wolfenstein and even Evil Within, which was the surprise. Then the best thing about their conference… everything will be available this year.

That is it, those were my winners, anomalies and losers from this years E3. I did like a number of the games showed, but apart from Bethesda it all seemed to by coming 2018 – what about this year? It would be great if there was some surprises that a game was coming this year. As I have mentioned this is my opinion on the conference and I understand people with either agree and/or disagree with some of my opinions – so please keep this in mind.