E3 2017: What I’d Like To See

Please note: These have not been announced, and there’s a good chance they wont – just my hopes and dreams.

With E3 starting unofficially tonight with EA’s (not part of) E3 conference, I thought I would have a look at things I would to like see – that at the moment have not been announced. There has been some announcements already relieved either directly or in-directly that I am looking forward to, but I will write about these once the who show has finished like I did last year (After reading back over last years opinions, some of it came to prove me wrong – like my mention of not buying into PSVR).

So, I am going to start with my top two favourite game series. Like any other gamer when your favourite series/franchises have been missing for a while you just want a new one to come out – and I’m getting that itch.

Firstly, I would like a new Devil May Cry by Capcom. I know we had one in January 2013 and then the remastered (Definitive) version in March 2015, but, as I said by Capcom – don’t get me wrong I was a fan of DmC (I’ve played them both the original release and the Definitive Edition), it just wasn’t the same. I would just like it to go back to the old Dante, and even have an appearance of Lady, Trish or even Nero again.

The second series I am talking about is Splinter Cell, again the last game in this series was back in August 2013 with Blacklist. Even-though I have enjoyed every entry into the series, and personally would not say one has been bad; there is one thing I would love to see return and that’s the old stealth mechanics coming back into it. Another thing that would make me really happy is if this was announced, the trailer starts off with the voice of Micheal Ironside – bring back the original voice of Sam Fisher. But, if they don’t announce a new one, I would happily accept the original three games remastered (for me the pinnacle of the series).

I have already mentioned a game by this company, and they have already got a game in Hellblade coming August this year – this company being Ninja Theory. Now, why I have I mentioned these, the reasons is I would like to hear something from them in relation to plans for their next project now Hellblade is nearly released. What would like to come in the announcement? I would love two of their games to get a sequel that I think it’s a travesty they haven’t. The games I am talking about are Heavenly Sword or Enslaved. Personally, out of both of those I would much prefer a Heavenly Sword sequel if one was to come.

Following last years announcement of the fanfare around the Crash Bandicoot remakes, I would love to see Spyro The Dragon getting the same announcement and treatment this year. Again this might only be down to the nostalgia I have around the series. This with Crash Bandicoot and Croc were part of my early gaming life. I don’t want it to get the just standard remaster treatment, but the same as Crash and built from the ground up.

There’s a few announcements I would like to get from Sony (I didn’t think I would be saying this straight after last years E3) the first one, is more information on what is coming to Playstation VR – and may be announcements of more games to support the aim controller.

Next one is a new entry into the Siren series, this could even work with VR given the success of Resident Evil 7 on the Playstation VR – but I would certainly take it without VR. I really think this series was rudely ignored by a lot of gamers, and for me stands out in the horror genre. The whole design of the game and the way it could easily make you feel uneasy when playing it, to me makes this a massive player in the genre.

This one was apparently in the works on Playstation 3 then cancelled, but please Sony bring back the Getaway. I loved both the previous entries in this series, even though the controls and the vehicle handling were dreadful in the first one. But, you had improved this in Black Monday, and just imagine the detailed looking London you could make on the Playstation 4.

Finally from Sony I would love to see a new Primal game, I mean they’ve given us it as part of the PS2 on PS4 – so they must have felt they would be a demand for it. Again for me this was a criminally over-looked game at the time it came out, I had been keeping an eye on it and grabbed it on release. I played the entire thing without taking out of the console, I was dragged into the world, the characters and the game completely.

I suppose I will look at EA next, I think we all know what to expect from EA every year; but there’s a few I would like to see return. First of all I know they have just announced a new Need For Speed, but gives us more Burnout! To me this was the far superior series (outside Need For Speed Underground 2). I would much prefer to be racing at those brak-neck speeds on the current generation of consoles, I just think it would look outstanding.

Then this is actually I something dreamt happened, and the morning after put it on my Twitter – Dead Space 1 and 2 rebuilt for VR. The whole atmosphere and how it made you feel playing it originally was bad enough, so for me that would only be 10 times worse and gripping if done in VR. Please get this done EA!.

Time for Microsoft and the Xbox, we all know their main focus this time is the Project Scorpio. But, generally as an Xbox One owner I would like to see the announcement of some more new exclusive in-house or even external exclusives to the console. For me this is i where the Xbox One has fallen very short, where as Sony keep pumping the great exclusives out.

I know this one wont happen, but I would love them to announce they have started working with Platinum Games on Scalebound again, and reversed the cancellation. Since it was first announced I could not wait for this game, then to be given gameplay last year and then having it taken from right under our noses was a massive blow. But, I feel the damage has been done, and this game will never see the light of day – which is a massive shame.

Anyway back to others I would love to see returning. There is two JRPG’s I would love to see get sequals; these are Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Lets start with Lost Odyssey which for me is the best JRPG since the start of the 360’s generation to date. Again this has been added to the Backwards Compatible list, so there must be demand for it. The same goes for Blue Dragon – again another great JRPG for the Xbox 360. The game had some gaming, animation and music legends working on it to bring it to life, and again it was another great exclusive for Microsoft. To be fair I think Microsoft did well on the JRPG front on the 360, it’s a shame it hasn’t continued on the Xbox One.

One last announcement I would like to see from Microsoft, and this was a love or hate it type game, and I fell under the love it group – this game is Blinx The Time Sweeper. Please bring this one back Mircosoft, I would be one pleased Xbox One owner for the first time since ReCore (thanks to the aforementioned Scalebound cancellation).

What do I want from Nintendo? As I’m not a massive Nintendo user I would just like some more AAA games on the Switch by the end of the year – outside of the ones that have been announced.

A few games that come to mind when I think what I would like are Warioware and Geomon. Warioware was one of the standout titles on the Nintendo Wii for me, and certainly the most fun party game that was available on it, given the joy-cons I think that it could work on the Switch. The second one is Geomon, I would just love to see another games in this series, I loved Mystical Ninja on the N64 – it’s just a shame it did not take off that well at the time.

Lets have a little round-up of other things I would like to be announced that aren’t linked directly any of the consoles.

I mentioned Capcom earlier when talking about Devil May Cry, but another great series that they had I would to see make a return after a long time is Onimusha. This is a series I only tried out after first getting into the Devil May Cry series, and it’s another a rate highly. This game has been missing since 2006. So, what not bring it back, I am sure the series still has many fans out there wanting a new entry in the series.

Every year we have rumours that Valve might finally announce Half Life 3, and I know this is might not be a popular choice with other games, but I would much prefer them to be bringing out another Portal game. Portal was amazing, and it just got better in the second instalment – so I would love a third game to get announced. Again the second one worked so well in co-op mode, so for me this should be a given also if it was announced.

Finally, I would love to SEGA bring us another entry into the Condemned series as well. I was all for the Playstation 3 when that generation was about to be released, but after the delay of the Playstation 3 and finding Condemned, I made the switch to the Xbox 360 to start with last generation. Ultimately I wasn’t displeased with that decision either and it also worked out in the long run looking at last gen. I then enjoyed Condemned 2 when that was released, and for me it was one of the scariest games I had play on its release – recently been replaced with games like Outlast.

So, there you go things I would love to see at E3 2017, not long until I see if any of my hopes and dreams come true.