Hands-On With The Darwin Project

When The Darwin Project was first announced at E3 by Microsoft, it really didn’t sell the game to me. Be it from the little explanation of what the game was or the really loud and aggressive announcer they decided it use… it just seemed a bit meh.
But, I was given the chance to partake in the Closed Alpha weekend for the game, so I thought I would give it a chance to see what it is all about. Did the Closed Alpha change me mind?

Hands-On: Conan Exiles

To be honest I wasn’t sure to what to expect to when I received my code for Conan Exiles – the main reason being I have not really taken to Survival Games very well in the past. But, in order to give the game an opportunity to swing my view I have spent 29 hours so far with the game. The question now is if Conan Exiles has swung my opinion on Survival Games?