Xploder Cheat System Ultimate Edition for PS4 Review

For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a code provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a review code does not affect my judgement of the software.

Please note: There will be a slight difference in this review, as it will not scored like I do with games. Also in order to use this software you will require a USB memory stick.

Cheats in games have been around for a long time, but the ease of inputting a code is long gone. Since then we have had the team behind Xploder making this still possible. The software is now available for Playstation 4, so how easy to use and reliable is the software?

Firstly Xploder is not a new piece of software, and has been around since the original Playstation, but has only really become a needed bit of software in this current generation. The reason I say this is because until this generation you could download save files from the internet for set games, and games like Grand Theft Auto 4 still included in-game modifiers. But, this has all be removed as we have moved on the Playstation 4.

Despite being available to buy the current version of Xploder is not a complete product – take it as early access. In it’s current from the software is basically a save game converter, however, the software is being advertised as software capable of unlocking items, levels, and cheats. Although these could all be done by downloading a save file that is complete, when you think about it. The reason I have mentioned at the start of this paragraph that is not the complete product, this is because the team have underlined this. Where little information is being given on what is going to be coming the software, but, from what the software today, I think it will be safe to say it’s going to revolve around game save files.

One thing I really liked about the product was the ease of the install and use (as you will see in the video below). At first I wondered how much on a mess about it is going to be to get the save files to work on your profile/console – down the fact they’re saved under your profile name now.

But, first we will look at the installation. To start with you will need to purchase the software, as this will give you an activation code. You then just need to head over to www.getxploder.com and download the product. If you don’t already have Adobe Air, you will need to download and install that software. Then you can download the Xploder software from the same page, and it only comes in at just over 4MB. From getting the activation code and installing the software (including Adobe Air), it took me around 5 minutes to get it onto my PC.

The installation of the software was so simple, I was expecting maybe the software to be more difficult – but it really wasn’t at all. Firstly you are given instructions on how to prepare you USB memory stick for use with the software, which was simply just copying any save file from your PS4 to the memory stick via the PS4 settings. You then just need to plug into your PC, and the software will pick up the memory stick.

From there you can start to transfer the saves to your memory stick, which was the trickiest part – but its a simple process also. You will start be selecting the save for the game you want (168 games at the moment), you will then click the Download icon in the bottom right hand corner of the software. This has now added the download to the PC, so you then need to select the file under the Local Saves part on the software, and transfer it to the USB memory stick using the bottom right hand corner again. This will transfer it over the memory stick and you will then see two save files for that game in the local saves.

Now in the local saves you will need select the save with the USB icon next to it, now there is two different ways you might need to re-assign this save file. Firstly, at the top of the file information (the right hand window) it will show what region the save is for. If this is not your region, you will need to select the region icon in the bottom right hand corner of the software, and select your region and re-assign – this will change the region of the save file, and re-assign it for your profile/console. If it’s for your region already you will just need to click the icon that looks like the refresh symbol, and this will re-assign it for your profile/console. Now all you need to do is plug your memory stick back into the PS4 and copy the file over, and its done.

For me the process was so simple from downloading and installing the software and getting the save file to my PS4, it was so refreshing. Outside of the video above, I tried transferring about four other save files, and had a hitch when doing  the one for Watch Dogs. This was down to the software crashing and not responding when re-assigning the file. This was fixed with a reboot of the software and re-assigning the file again – but it is normal for PC software to hit these bugs.

Now for me I am not sure in what way the software will be useful for some gamers, but I can see how it will have it uses for others. The way I see it being useful is for gamers that have a busy family/work life and maybe don’t have the time to put into games, and maybe they want Hard mode unlocked, but that is locked behind finishing the game on easy/normal first. Or maybe you want all the characters unlocked on a beat-em up and don’t want to go through all the mess on of unlocking them all – you can just get all the roster straight away from a save file. The success and the use of the software is all going to boil down on what you want from the software as an individual, rather than be an essential piece of software for every gamer.

Lastly, I would like to confirm that this software does not unlock the Trophies from the save files you have downloaded. In checked my Contrast Trophies after making the video and did not get any additional Trophies for the game. I am not sure if this has now blocked me getting the Trophies, but it could mean deleting the save file and starting again.

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