Splatoon 2 Global TestFire Final Thoughts

Back on Friday and  the start of the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire, I digitally penned my thoughts after my first hour with the game – and ended it saying if I managed to get more time on it I would look at posting my final opinions. Well I manged to get another three hours with the game; so here are my final thoughts and what I learnt.

Again I would like to point out this Global Testfire was my first time playing a Splatoon game.

Unfortunately my second attempt of playing it (Saturday 25 March – 11:00 – 11:59) was cut short in gameplay time due to the number of connection errors. This wasn’t helped by the  fact it seemed to be happening while in lobbies waiting – meaning people were in and out of the lobby, causing the countdown to reset. But, as mentioned in my first thoughts it’s a BETA so this is expected. I did make both the  Saturday 25 March – 19:00 – 19:59 and Sunday 26 March – 12:00 – 12:59 sessions also, and I faced no connection issues at all in both of these sessions.

So let’s start with the issue I had the first session – the stupid control system. I did mention that rant could have been for no reason, and it ended up being that way. On the Saturday morning session I had a good look and found these could be altered, but only on the class selection screen – explaining why I couldn’t find them that easily. Anyway I switched them from motion to both analogues, and god did this make it much more enjoyable – even thought it didn’t seem to improve my skill that much… there’s that excuse for being bad ruined.

splatoon2-start splatoon2-screen1 splatton2-mode splatoon2-screen2 splatoon2-top splatton2-victory

After all the sessions were completed it was clear that only one game mode was made available, in Turf War. But, as mentioned in my first hour, this mode did this not get boring still – I enjoyed every game and couldn’t wait to get into the next one. I just like the multifaceted gameplay in this mode, and one good thing was I did find eliminating the other players a lot easier with the dual analogue controls. I still found the gameplay as fun and fast-paced as I did in the first hour – and did feel although I still wasn’t great at the game I was improving. With each and every game the visual style grew on me more and more, they really did hit the nail on the head with how this game looks and plays.

So, really the only issues I found with my first impressions was the controls, and I found how I could change them – so taking this into account what did I learn by the end of it? Again to make it more simple it will go with five things…

  1. You could change the controls – and it made it a lot more fun
  2. I still suck – never mind the control system
  3. If I finished top of my team, we would lose (except the one shown in screenshot, this was taken for that reason)
  4. Turf War mode is really enjoyable, due to the multifaceted approach
  5. I no longer hate the roller class – this is now the sniper class, damn shots people were pulling off


As aforementioned this is my first time playing a Splatoon game, but did the Global TestFire sway me on the game? – The simple answer is Yes!. I will be getting the game when it released, and will hopefully build up some friends on the Switch to play it with, as I think it will be great with a team of players and not just randoms.

If you would like to add me on the Switch for when this is released feel free – my friend number is 1914-9097-2115

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