Is The Playstation 4 Pro Upgrade Worth It?

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After my trusty old HDTV decided to blow it’s back light, I decided to make the move the to the 4K generation of TV sets. With this decision I decided it was the correct time to upgrade to the Playstation 4 Pro model. Now I have spent a good bit of time with the console, do I think the upgrade was worth it?

But, before I start to talk about the console itself, I would like to offer some tips if you are going to go for the upgrade and also get a 4K TV to go with it. This is something I am glad I investigated first before jumping in and getting my TV. I already knew beforehand that HDR (High Dynamic Range) support on the TV was essential to get the best out of the product, however, there was some things I wasn’t clear about. It is recommended what you get a TV with a high motion rate and a low lag input. I would highly recommend using UK RTNGS to help you make your decision – here you can find out the best TV set’s for 4K gaming.

Now to the console, in order to give a full opinion of the product I decided to give myself around a month with the console. This was because I wanted to play both games I have already played on Playstation 4, and not only games where my first experience of them was on this updated console.

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