Peregrin Review

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I’ve have found myself approaching another puzzle game on the PC in the mould of Peregrin. Again it’s another indie game, so has this game continued the new found love I have puzzle games?

For me Peregrin tells a very compelling story, and this is one of the elements the game really stands out in. But, I don’t want to talk about it in depth too much, because it is something I think players should experience themselves. You are placed in control of a girl called Abi, as you explore and try and gain forgiveness from the gods for the sins/mistakes of your ancestors.

The game sees you find out more information of an ancient civilisation, and what has been done incorrectly in past. This is played out through intercoms with you father and an an elder of your birth place. Now what I was I glad to see in the game in these are all voice acted conversations, meaning you don’t have to read the conversations yourself. You will also get more of the story as you locate the monoliths the story is based around, and some short cut scenes which are all audio related as well. In the story you will not meet any other humans on your journey. For me mixing this with the intercom only communication really emphasises this is Abi’s own journey.

Now where the story is very compelling (and something I am fan of) is that it’s all audio based. It does come with some slight issues. The first one is it’s not the best voice acting at times of the game, however this does not take you attention away from the game or ruin it in anyway. Secondly, as you get to the end of the story there is some areas that you feel have not been explained. With areas not being closed off it does leave you wondering why and what has happened, but, more in a frustrated way than a good way.

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