My First Hour With Splatoon 2

With never owning a Wii U I have never played a Splatoon game, but, I heard many a good thing about it from the people I know who played the first. When I heard about the Global Testfire coming to the Switch for Splatoon 2 – I knew it would have to give a go. Well the Global Testfire started today, and it is being activated at set times for one hour, with today’s only hour being 19:00 – 19:59 (GMT). So, logged in and gave it try, but, what did I think of and learn on my first hour with the game?

Now, please remember I was going into this completely blind with no experience with the series at all…

After a number of attempts to get logged in without connection errors, I was pleased to be greeted with a tutorial. But, this was where my first issue with arose. I am not referring to the connection errors, in the end of the day this is a BETA, so this is to be expected. Unfortunately I am referring to the control scheme – I am not sure if it was the same for the first game with not playing it.

Don’t get me wrong they weren’t all a mess, just one element for me – the aiming. Why use the motion sensors in the joy-cons to aim? Even without owning the Wii U I know the uproar with the Star Fox Zero control system, and to me although not completely the same, it seems similar. Given I managed around 40 minutes of gameplay (taking away the time for connection errors, and waiting for games to start), I was still struggling with this control system, I’m too used to the one analogue to move and the other aiming system.

Please note: I might be going off on a rant for no reason, I didn’t really have a full look to see if there are settings to change it on the BETA, with it only being an hour tonight I wanted to have a look at what the game is more than anything – I will look on tomorrow mornings session. But if its not, I really see this being game breaking for me, because it was quite frustrating and I can’t see it being something that is easy to pick up in a short time.

Other than that issue I really liked what the game had to offer. I only played one mode – but I don’t know if there is others. However, even-though it was only the one mode, I still did not become bored of it. I really enjoyed the paint the most of the arena to win, while also having to be careful of your surroundings (I will discuss this later) and of your enemies. The cartoon-like and colourful design of the game really does make it very appealing to the eye. Add the fun game mode I played and the design of the game to the really fun and fast paced gameplay, and I can see why this was popular on the Wii U – here’s to hoping you can change the controls.

So, what did I learn in the this hour? To make it easier I am going to cut it down to five things…

  1. Going to mention it again – but the control system sucks!
  2. I suck at this game at the moment
  3. Don’t turn into a squid on the metal grate, you just fall through it to your death (be careful of surroundings)
  4. The game seems like it could be a lot of fun
  5. I hate the Roller character – basically the one I seemed to get killed by all of the time

I am hoping to get more time with the Global Testfire over the weekend, and if I do I will try and give my final opinions on it once it is over (and update you on the control situation).


If you are looking to part-take in any of the remaining sessions they are as listed below, all in GMT…

Saturday 25 March – 03:00 – 03:59 

Saturday 25 March – 11:00 – 11:59

Saturday 25 March – 19:00 – 19:59 

Sunday 26 March – 04:00 – 04:59 

Sunday 26 March – 12:00 – 12:59

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