Until None Remain

Hands-on With Until None Remain (PC)

For the purpose of transparency, this hands-on was completed using a code provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a free code does not affect my judgement of this product.

Please note this hands-on was created using a product that is currently in Early Access, meaning some of the issues could be resolved over time.

Until None Remain enters the battle royale genre, but on much smaller scale than the genre greats like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Fornite. However does the smaller player count hold it back?

As you expect with the a game that is a multiplayer battle royale style game, Until None Remain does not comes with story and/or campaign. But, this has not affected other games in this genre, so I don’t feel the team at D.W.S needed to push themselves to add one, because they don’t really need one.

Until None Remain does everything you would expect gameplay wise from a battle royale game. You will spawn into the map with absolutely nothing – meaning your first task will be locating a weapon and ammo to make sure you can fight back and survive. Around the map there will also be armour, grenades, and other items like painkillers and injections to give you stamina boosts – and these can all come in very handy at points in gun fights or after you’ve been in one. Around the map you may also come across a jet pack, allowing you to boost your jumps (as long as you have fuel), you will find this will come in handy for quick access to decent vantage points.

Now, lets look at game size, as previously mentioned this is reduced to others in the genre and comes in at four player lobbies. You might think what is the point of this, but the team at D.W.S wanted to make sure the games last no longer than 10 minutes, Personally I think this a good move, the reason being is this makes Until None Remain one you can pick up for a quick game, where if you survive until late on in the others they’re not short games at all – making it a lot more accessible when you don’t have much time. I know it is likely some might this hope increases during the development of the game, but I hope it stays at this amount,

Even now while the game is in early access it has a decent arsenal of weapons for you to use. You will find rifles, pistols, rocket launchers and grenade launches. Each type of weapon comes in normal, incendiary and shock forms – except from the sniper rifle. So, you will have to start your approach in each game with the tactic to suit the first gun you find, well at least until you can your favourite weapon. There is also a decent number of grenade types, this includes all the types mentioned above for the guns and a teleportation grenade. I honestly feel that even if the full launch is without more weapon added there is still plenty – so if any are added it will just be a bonus.

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At the moment the game comes with two maps, an indoor and outdoor map. As you would expect these maps are not vast in size to suit the player base. There’s plenty of objects around the map to keep them entertaining and give you places for cover when needed. You will also find around maps turrets and other objects what will attack and harm you as the game time gets longer – so although you have three opponents they’re not the only things that are lethal. I hope for and expect there will be more maps added over the development period, because with the size of them they’re not going to keep you entertained for too long.

One thing I really like about Until None Remain is that game fills in the spaces with bots, if you don’t find the players within the three minutes lobby period, this game is still full. Now, this is one of the issues I found with my time with Until None Remain, although it is on the much smaller scale it was hit and miss on the servers if you got joined by anyone – I have found I have spent as many games with players as I have full of bots. This then introduces another issue, the bots have no difficulty setting, and at the moment they will just stop still in a gun fight, meaning if you get to cover if you just keep popping in and out of cover to shot them it’s hard to lose. I am also not sure if this has just been coincidence when playing with bots but you also seem to win once you achieve four kills, even if it has other players in that have been killed and removed. Where as you would expect in a game full of players you win by being the last one alive.

The PC version of the game can be played with either mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. I personally stuck with the gamepad and the games controls have been assigned to them well. The only issue I found was the when aiming down your gun the reticule movement seemed very sensitive – I personally found myself getting it the correct position and strafing to get the aim on my opponents.

Overall thought I have been enjoying my time with Until None Remain, and I feel it will get more of my time. Where it is on a smaller scale to others that brings with it some benefits. I feel with a few tweaks through it’s development, like more maps and bot difficulty settings and of course a larger player base this could be something special – but, I would even say check it out now and see what you think. Especially if you want the gameplay experience of a battle royal game with smaller game times.

This game is also available in VR, but both games come as separate versions. So please make sure you purchase the version you want.

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