Hands-On With Closers Online

For the purpose of transparency, this hands-on was completed using a code provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a free code does not affect my judgement of this product.

Please note: This article was created using the Alpha version of Closers Online, so the game is still in early development.

Closers Online does bring with it a story. It all started with the First Dimensional War in 2020. This is when dimensional gates appeared all over the planet, releasing monsters on the planet. Thus the Closers were formed, they were given this name because these humans with powerful psycho abilities fought of the monsters – closing the dimensional gates behind them. As the people rebuilt their lives, a new group was formed called UNION by the surviving Closers. UNION’s aim was to research the powers they possess, and prepare in case these dimensional gates ever returned.

Well guess what?… These dimensional gates have now returning and opening again, this is where your story starts as the Closer you decide to be.

So, what about the game? I hear you say… Closers Online is a 3D action MMORPG. When it comes to gameplay, it plays like your classic side scrolling brawler. For me they have done a good job of the combat system (its got a great combo system) and as well as your standard attack, you have a number of these psycho abilities at your disposal. Each level is basically waved based combat to move onto the next area, and ending in boss battle on each stage – like the classics brawlers ie. Streets of Rage.

Each stage comes with three difficulties level – and you will be required to complete them on some of the higher settings to progress in the game. For me this a good idea, as it means you can’t just move through the game on the easiest/starting setting. However, each difficulty does bring with it a decent rise in the difficultly spike. This should not put you off the game though, as with it being a MMORPG, you can take them on singly or join a group for those more difficult levels.

Now, I did originally play the game with the Xbox controller. But, I found it was more of a limited support than full support. What I mean by this is, with the number of attacks available for your Closer, there just isn’t enough buttons (this is shown in my video above). I did then go back and play the game using the keyboard only, and the game does work really well this way. Set keys are linked to attacks/actions and the directional keys are used to move.- it really is a simple control scheme that works well. As aforementioned I was playing the Alpha version of the game, so maybe full controller support might be implemented before it’s release.

From what I’ve played on the Alpha I really can see promise in Closers Online. If you think you would be interested in Closers Online, go check out their website for information/news on any upcoming Beta.

Closers has been available in South Korea since late December 2014, but En Mass Entertainment is now working on bringing the game over to Western territories.

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