Gaming Room/Studio Re-Design

I have been quiet over the last week on all fronts, but this has been for a good reason – that reason being I have been redecorating my Gaming Room/Studio. This decision was taken as I thought it really needed to be brightened up, and moved away for the browns as I discussed on my first Video Blog from the beginning of the year.

So, the changes I have made are the following…

  • Removed the wallpaper, and changed the colour scheme to cream and grey (only one small wall).
  • Replaced the light fittings to allow for more light in the room (just waiting for some LED bulbs now)
  • Replaced all units with Black units to go with new colour scheme.
  • Added DVD rack for games, and extra storage options
  • Hung mainly gaming related framed images, to give it more of a gaming room feel.

It was three and half days hard work (as I was away for some of the week), and I feel it has done wonders for brightening up the room, and giving it a look I am pleased with – after it was originally papered and painted by someone who rented the room from me. Anyway I have put some pictures below.

gamingroom-tv gamingroom-door gamingroom-wall gamingroom-shelves gamingroom-dvd gamingroom-posters

Anyway in this week I have had decorating/re-designing the room it has meant there was no article for Games Bulletin on the Thursday of the last week, and I could not appear on the CTG Podcast for last week – but all is back to normal now and hopefully my updates will come back regularly on here, and I have an idea for a Writings up my sleeve – hopefully be done over the next week.