Why I Chose To Create A Character On Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda was released this week, a game I could not wait to get my hands on due to my fondness of theĀ original trilogy and Commander Shepard’s character. I was going into the game nearly blind from all the gameplay and trailers, the only one I had seen was the first gameplay they showed off, because I watched that on both my old HDTV and then in 4K on the Pro – due to the fact they stated it was best to be watched in 4K.

As some one who keeps an eye on gaming news, of-course I could not avoid or avoid discussing the animation issues that have plagued this games news. But, this had no baring on me deciding to make a custom character design. Personally I was shocked to find myself doing a custom character, as I will normally stick with the default character if the game has one. I never altered Shepard’s appearance at all, I like to stick the characters the games are built around. So, why did I do this time?

Well the decision was made easy really, I did start up the game using the Scott Ryder that Bioware had created, because at first I could see no reason to changing the design. However, after playing the opening and opening planet I was sick of seeing his face, and what I thought was a plan design for the character, given the characters you are interacting with.

Now, I know I could have tried Sarah Ryder to resolve this problem, but as a personal preference if I get the choice I will always use a male main character – my only exception was Destiny, because I preferred the way the female armour was designed. Please don’t misunderstand me on this, I have no issues with female leads. I love the whole Tomb Raider series and the recently released Horizon: Zero Dawn – it just seems right using male characters when I have the choice.

Anyway, Scott’s design did make me restart the game, and have look at the character creator – now my understanding from conversations with others is Andromeda has the worst character creator than any of the trilogy that came before it. Given that I was still on this one for around one hour, it’s probably good that I hadn’t done previously and stuck with Command Shepard’s default appearance.

I’m sure people who have played Andromeda are probably asking “how did you spend that much time on creating the character?” – I will explain how now. Firstly I attempted to create one the resembled as close to me as possible, and that really didn’t work at all. Then I thought to myself ‘why not bring Shepard back?’ – lets just say that was about as successful as making one resembling me.

This lead to me just going with the flow, and I came up with my character shown opposite to Scott Ryder in the image. I am now a bit further with the game, and still don’t mind my design. I was wondering what was with the honey-comb scar when making him, but after adding the tattoo (had to have one, considering my fondness of tattoos) the scar just seemed to suit.

Meaning really it was down to the simple reason of Scott Ryder’s default appearance annoying me. The question I ask now “Has this changed my opinion on using default character appearances?” – not really I would still prefer to use them, but if it annoys me I probably would yes.

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