Blog Update – 21/03/2017

Over the past few days, well since the evening on Sunday 19th, Tattastic Gamer has been offline.Where there hasn’t been much changed on how it works – the changes have mainly beenĀ aesthetic.

As far as theĀ aesthetic changes go;

  • You will have most likely seen it blog has had a slight lick of paint (re-design), where the changes on this haven’t been huge I feel the new look has a slight more professional look to it.
  • There is a new over-laying navigation bar, over the new look banners for each page – the navigation will follow you down the page as you scroll – this also happens on the each post.
  • Each post now has the banner corresponding to it at the top.
  • Video post have stayed the same (except with a larger video size), but written posts like this one now include the featured image.
  • The feature image styles have changed
  • The navigation now has drop down menus, for seperate sections within the area (for example; Games Bulletin has Reviews, Opinions, News Articles and YouTube content)
  • The side bar now includes a search, and an extended Twitter section.
  • My personal profile now includes direct links to my social medias, Games Bulletin and Crave Your Game.

Slight change to how it works;

  • In my last update I decided to disable all comments, but moving forward any post personally for this website (under Tattastic Gamer in the navigation) will now allow comments. I made the decision because on anything linked to outside Tattastic Gamer, you can head to them directly and make comments on them.

Again, sorry for the downtime, and I hope you all think the changes have been worth the few days offline.