Aporia: Beyond The Valley Review

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Until recently I avoided puzzle games, as they weren’t really my cup-of-tea when it came to gaming. But, one thing VR gaming has taught me is to fully appreciate puzzle games. I was anticipating playing Aporia: Beyond The Valley, even-though it is not a VR game – so what did I think of the experience?

The team at Investigate North took a very interesting approach to the story-telling when it came to the game, choosing not to use dialogue to explain what is going on in the story. Instead they have used what I can best explain as light shows, and paintings on clothes around the game to tell the story. The way they have done this sort of leaves it open to user interpretation to what is actually going on. For me it was a story about betrayal, and what happened as a result of the betrayal. But, others may interpret it completely differently – that is the beauty of what they have done with this game. Where to some this might sound like a bad decision, for me even with having to try to figure the story out myself, it still felt like a rich storyline, and it really gets you using your own imagination.

As mentioned at the beginning this game is a puzzle game, however, there is some other elements that make up the gameplay for Aporia: Beyond The Valley. Ok, the main content is the puzzle element, but it also throws in some platforming element at times – be it jumping from ledge to ledge or simply having to jump gaps to navigate around the area. Where this can add a little extra, the game really is all about the puzzling aspect, and that is what makes the game one I will find hard not to recommend.

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